Australia For Pakistanis


People lost their roots and struggle for identities when their elders did not record their historical developments. Their stories of truth became the tales of imagination.

The author, Syed Atiq ul Hassan is a well known journalist and a writer associated with the international media particularly South Asian print media for the last 20 years. He is also an editor of Tribune International, a Sydney-based South Asian English newspaper, foreign correspondent representing international media groups and Producer/Presenter of 2-hours weekly Radio Program in Urdu from FM98.5 Sydney.

He is equally involved in the Pakistani community for the last 15 years and possesses deep knowledge and experience on Pakistanis living in Australia.

‘Australia For Pakistanis’ stunningly investigates the genealogy of Pakistani migration to Australia from the 18th Century. From the cameleers, labourers and hawkers who pioneered the development of Australian infrastructure, to current achievements in business, the arts, sports, media and professionals.

The author sets a unique standard to enlighten and anthropomorphise the untold histories of the Pakistani community in Australia.

The book is a story of Pakistanis who migrated to Australia. The author has documented his deep observations, research and investigatory revelations on the silent but growing Pakistani community in Australia. He met people who still hold the history of the last 60 years in their memories. During his study of early Muslim settlers in Australia he discovered that a significant number of cameleers, labourers and hawkers were from that part of the sub-continent that later became Pakistan. When he interviewed their descendants they claimed to be from Pakistani rather than Indian descent. The author traveled from city to city meeting people and visiting historical sites.

In today’s world where Muslims are in the limelight, the author felt that this was an appropriate time to launch this historical document that would highlight the vital contribution of Pakistanis in the development of a multicultural Australia.

The book documents historical facts from the mid 19th century until the present day. There are 150-year-old images of migrants from Baloochistan, Punjab, Northern Frontier and Sind. Among the interviews is the story of a man who came to Australia in 1936 when he was 10 years old, and the story of a woman who was among the first women migrants from Pakistan as told by her daughter. It contains the images of the earliest built mosques and Islamic centres to the most recent developments.

The Book will contain about 200 pages bound in a cover reflecting the beautiful multicultural image of Australia. The main features of the book are:

  1. Tales of migrants
  2. Religious, Cultural and Social groups and their Activities

– Sydney
– Wollongong
– Melbourne
– Brisbane & Gold Coast
– Adelaide
– Perth
– Canberra

  1. Professionals, Students and Business People
  2. Intermarriages
  3. Media
  4. Pakistanis in Sports
  5. Food
  6. Music and  Theatre
  7. Offices of Interest
  8. Islamic Centres and Mosques in Australia
  9. Prominent Pakistanis

The Book was launched in December, 2003 by the Minister for Justice and Citizenship NSW Australia, John Hatzistergos, at the  NSW Parliament House.

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